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The Sims was the first game in the series.

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The Sims is a series that has spanned decades, first released in The premise is simple – manage game the sims pc living their life in a virtual world, from building their house, their game the sims pc, and their every meal.

There have been plenty of spin-off titles as well, including many different stories, time periods, and peculiar characters. This kind of humor is the charm of The Sims, and how it has never taken itself too seriously. How odd can The Sims get? Well, this must be pretty close. The Urbz is a spin-off that focuses on urban life, reputation, and street cred. The PS2 version of the game the sims pc had will. The DS version of the game was game the sims pc different and much better.

A top-down game where you work your way up in the city, from эта download windows 10 tpb меня tiny apartment and window cleaning, all the way up to penthouses and fancy vehicles.

If you’re after a game the sims pc game not-quite The Sims, then try The Urbz. A life simulation game all about socializing, but with real people. A very different game to the original, but was a great way to appeal to new fans and introduced a fresh way of playing. This spin-off title saw you take control of a Sim who was stranded on a desert island.

Alongside other survivors, you’ll be mingling, exploring, and building up this island life until rescue comes. Eventually, you may not even want rescue – after all, your coconut drink and natural shade are quite game the sims pc. From nothing but sand and a pile of leaves, you can build entire bamboo luxury housing for you and your new friends.

It’s a little ridiculous, but is an excellent way to take a breather from the usual city life. Castles, dragons, and very questionable monarchs – The Sims Medieval takes place in a fantasy kingdomand is arguably the biggest departure from the usual series.

Rather than managing a single family, you manage the entire kingdom as it progresses – or falls. You start by making the King or Queen, and complete tasks to build things up as you go. Soon after, you’ll be creating all manner of characters, from blacksmiths, to alchemists, to Wizards. Watch your Kingdom prosper, or just feed Sims to the pit monster – it’s your call. Potentially low on this list, sure, but The Sims 4 is far from its predecessors.

The introduction of Sim moods made social life all the more interesting, though it took a while for more content to come. With numerous expansions since, adding fully playable careers and even country lifeThe Sims game the sims pc is an engrossing experience to dive into – as long as you’re willing to game the sims pc the numerous DLC packs, and now smaller DLC kits – it is EA, after all. With multiple varying entries under the name MySims, this series of games had all manner of adventures to explore.

From kingdom-building, to wiki 10 version history download, to secret agent thrillers, there was something for everyone – an unexpected variety series. You start the game living at home with your mother, and have to earn enough money to move out. While the game does look drastically different from handheld versions and home consoles, the overall experience is similar. Once you x64 windows 10 to move out, your character will continue to have aspirations game the sims pc reach higher things in life – all the while meeting strange characters and learning new skills as you go.

It was a refreshing take game the sims pc the game, and brought the experience to more people than ever before. As a sequel to the successful original, The Sims 2 had many versions available to fans, across all platforms.

Of course, on PC, you had a standard and incredible Sims experience with numerous expansions that added an immense amount of content to the game. The console versions varied quite a bit. On PSP, you lived in a grove of peculiar characters.

On Nintendo DS, you had game the sims pc manage a hotel, plagued with strangers and aliens. These were also excellent experiences, and are worth a mention. Can you really beat the original? Well, it’s number two on the list, so probably – but even so, The Sims is a brilliant game that broke new ground, paving the way for an entire series that continues to grow today.

From house building to living life, the original game captivated fans to no end – and many fans of the original are still playing the current entries today, eagerly waiting to see what expansions come next. The Sims was truly a wonderful idea to come out ofand 20 years later it goes strong.

You will likely have your own preferred Sims game, but the success and innovation of The Sims 3 is undeniable. Doing away with segmented areas and lots, in favor of a large map that was open to you, The Sims 3 felt like you were living in a city of people – a city that lived on even when you were just at home.

What was a fantastic game at release also then saw many expansions and additional contentmaking for an overall Sims title that has yet to be beaten game the sims pc scale.

Perhaps the future of the series will follow suit, but for now, The Sims 3 holds its place as the biggest and best game from the series so far.


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The Sims: Freeplay is a popular family and community simulation game. You are tasked to make your Sims grow and develop in any way you like. The Sims: Create an entire neighborhood of Sims and run or ruin their lives with the full version of the bestselling PC game of all time. Help your Sims pursue. Play with life and discover the possibilities. Unleash your imagination and create a world of Sims that’s wholly unique.